Dr. Jang Jin Yoo

Research Fellow | LG Display
Dr. Jang Jin Yoo

Study on Immersive Gaming Displays to Win
-Ergonomic requirements of gaming displays

For video gaming, there is no doubt that display plays important role in enjoying visual experience as well as enhancing human gaming performance. However, it is not easy for consumers to determine a better gaming display because product reviews and certifications (sometimes based on biased testing) derived from different viewpoints are available in the market. Therefore, I have attempted to investigate into a comprehensive set of ergonomic requirements for gaming displays. In this presentation, I will introduce the corresponding study results with relevant literatures and experiments and propose new criteria for the gaming displays that could help gamers to be awed and eventually win.


Jang Jin Yoo is currently research fellow at LG Display. He received his BS and MS in chemistry and physics at Sogang University, Korea, in 1993 and 1996. He also studied color science at Leeds University, UK, for his PhD. He has more than 25 years of research experience in display technologies and display picture quality. Specialty areas include picture quality evaluation, enhancement and international standardization.