Jennifer YC Lin

Vice President Innovation Development | AUO Corporation
Jennifer Lin

Micro LED Displays Lead to Infinite Possibilities

Micro LED display is the ultimate display technology. AUO has devoted into micro LED display technology development for over 10 years, and set many records on various demonstrations. As a pioneer micro LED display technology developer, AUO is dedicated to enabling and contributing to the formation of micro LED display ecosystems through seamless collaboration with our LED and display industry partners. By leveraging the power of integration and create value together, we believe micro LED display industry will become a competitive ecosystem. And micro LED displays will lead to infinite possibilities to future lives.


As vice president of AUO Corporation’s Innovation Development Group, Jennifer YC Lin directs the development of technology for the company’s future growth. Over the past 10 years, she has led her team to develop world-leading advanced display and non-display technologies, such as microLED display technology that has won numerous international awards, including a 2018 Best in Show Award at SID’s Display Week. Lin has spent more than 20 years in the display industry, working in areas including process integration, product design, product marketing, and strategic planning. She has an MS degree in physics from National Central University.