John Bowab

Vice President of Sales | TSItouch
John Bowab

Presentation Abstract:

An unintended consequence of touch screen use is they create social distancing. Ask any parent their teenagers’ preferred way to communicate! With efforts underway to “return to normal” post CV-19 there remains a need for some level of social distancing. Touch screens continue to be an ideal means to communicate information and facilitate commerce while providing the ability to maintain social distancing. Maybe the teens were on to something pre CV19.

Customers and end-users have expressed concerns regarding technology, social distancing, and sanitation in a COVID-19 environment. “Is it safe to use a touch screen” is a common question. The question was valid and can be addressed by doing our part to properly care for ourselves and our touch environments.

The better question: “is it safe not to use a touch screen” when the alternative is person to person communication in public environments.

Ultimately, we at TSItouch believe touchscreens are just like every other surface that needs to be cleaned. We are proud to do our part by offering numerous products and steps that can be taken to increase user confidence with public facing touchscreens. Our products include antimicrobial film, hand cleaner and screen cleaner. These products provide layers of protection while providing users piece of mind. The touch screen future is bright, and demand will continue to grow post CV-19. Companies and end-users around the world continue to recognize touch screens are a significant help in social distancing while facilitating the transfer of information and execution of commerce in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way. Let’s do our part and continue to care for them like we do with any other element to keep our environment happy and healthy.


John is a 30-year veteran of the display industry and has worked alongside engineers, designers,manufacturers and sales professionals to set the standard for creative solutions and excellence. He continues to develop long lasting relationships with startups to fortune 100 companies. His emphasis is not on the latest technological trends, but helping his partners succeed with innovative, cost effective solutions. After earning a degree in Marketing and Business Management from Merrimack College, John embarked on a career in custom monitor solutions. His first position right out of school was a sales associate for a small display company. He quickly advanced to the VP of Sales and took the company from near bankruptcy to over 18 million in annual sales. You can find his touch screens in such diverse settings as the trading floors of the stock market, sports arenas, world class hospitals, international airports, major cruise lines, to the showrooms of electric car pioneers. John loves coaching his kids' sports teams as well as watching his Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots on a bigger than life LED HD TV.