Junji Adachi

Co-Founder & CEO | Kyulux Inc.
Junji Adachi

Towards the Commercialization of Hyperfluorescence

HyperfluorescenceTM (HF) is now widely recognized as the fourth generation of OLED emitting

technology. HF provides highly efficient and pure colour with narrow emission spectrum without using any rare metals such as iridium and platinum. HF combines Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) and fluorescence to provide narrow emission spectrum with four times higher emission efficiency than fluorescence. HF enables OLED displays to be less power consumption and to cover wide colour space required by BT.2020.

Towards the commercialization of HyperfluorescenceTM, a lifetime of HF OLED device is a key. Lifetimes of HF have been significantly improved not only by enhancing durability of TADF materials but also optimizing configuration of the HF OLED device. Kyulux had successfully commercialized the world’s first yellow HF PMOLED display in collaboration with Wisechip Semiconductor Inc. in Taiwan. It provides superior performance to conventional one with long enough lifetime in practical applications. Kyulux is now developing red, green and blue HF for AMOLED applications with partner display makers. The life enhancement in all red, green and blue are remarkable. The latest results will be presented at the conference.


Junji Adachi is Co-founder and CEO of Kyulux, commercializing an innovative OLED emitting technology HyperfluorescenceTM. Before founding Kyulux in 2015, he was involved in TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) development as head of strategic research planning in Kyushu University. Prior to joining Kyushu University in 2010, he was an experienced engineer and manager with 30 years in industry at Panasonic. He was involved in projects for developing and commercializing cutting edge technologies such as residential fuel cell system, organic photovoltaics and MEMS during his days in Panasonic. He was a visiting researcher in M.I.T. for non-Newtonian fluid analysis of polymer composite from 1994 to 1996.

B.S. Osaka University, Visiting Researcher, M.I.T. , Professional Engineer Japan (MOT, ICT)