Junji Adachi

Co-Founder & CSO | Kyulux Inc.
Junji Adachi

Hyperfluorescence™: Highly Efficient and Narrowband Emission for BT.2020

Hyperfluorescence™ (HF) provides high efficiency and pure color emission. Its high internal quantum efficiency (IQE) and narrowband emission, smaller than 25 nm, can simultaneously enable high-performance RGB HF in one OLED emitting system. The ultrahigh color purity enabled by its narrow FWHM endows HF to cover a wide color space close to BT.2020 without sacrificing efficiency. Green HF achieved a current efficiency as high as > 230cd/A @1000nit at a color point close to BT.2020, which covers over 32% wide color space beyond DCI-P3 and achieves a 95% coverage of BT.2020. In addition to efficiency, green HF performs very small roll-off. Efficiency remains 99% at 10mA/cm2 and 94% at 30mA/cm2 compared to 1mA/cm2. This very small rolloff provides high practical performance for commercialization. Another distinguished advantage of HF is its highly efficient deep blue performance. Deep blue HF exhibited an ultra narrowband emission with an FWHM<15 nm and reached a CIEy of 0.07. Kyulux will talk about our recent progress in color point and the lifetime of deep blue at the conference.


Junji Adachi is Co-founder and CSO of Kyulux, commercializing an innovative OLED emitting technology HyperfluorescenceTM. Before founding Kyulux in 2015, he was involved in TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) development as head of strategic research planning in Kyushu University. Prior to joining Kyushu University in 2010, he was an experienced engineer and manager with 30 years in industry at Panasonic. He was involved in projects for developing and commercializing cutting edge technologies such as residential fuel cell system, organic photovoltaics and MEMS during his days in Panasonic. He was a visiting researcher in M.I.T. for non-Newtonian fluid analysis of polymer composite from 1994 to 1996.

B.S. Osaka University, Visiting Researcher, M.I.T. , Professional Engineer Japan (MOT, ICT)