Justin Wendt

CTO | Rohinni
Justin Wendt

The Smallest Die for the Largest Giants

The largest technology companies in the world have invested heavily in mini LED technology for years, yet the world still awaits the true broad adoption of mini LED-based products. What are the challenges still plaguing these giants? What will it take for true commercialization of miniLED products? Will the world ever see a direct emission miniLED display at a consumer-friendly price? The answer to these questions lies in the die transfer process. From placement to inspection to rework, what manufacturing problems are being solved to get the smallest die to be delivered by the world's biggest giants?


Justin Wendt has served as Rohinni’s Chief Technology Officer for over five years where he leads and directs Rohinni’s global teams in Research and Development of next generation die placement equipment and the products the technology is used to create. In his role, Justin has led the development of industry-leading technology that has led to the commercialization of miniLED-based products. Justin currently fills the role of a board member for the Magna Rohinni Electronics Joint venture as well as the BOE Pixey display joint venture; previously, Justin has served senior roles in multiple startups in different industries and acted as the Senior Director of Engineering at Solar Roadways.