Kei Hyodo SID19 Foldable


Recent development in electronic display technologies allow us to have foldable cellphones like Samsung, Royole and Huawei introduced. Foldable displays that realize foldable cellphones have a quite unique characteristic, flexibility, during those displays under operating. That unique characteristics requires new evaluation methods of electronic displays under mechanical stresses. In order to evaluate that characteristic, IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission, TC, Technical Committee, 110, Electronic Displays developed and are developing International Standards for evaluating those flexible display. Through our talk, we are going to explore those standards for foldable displays.

In addition to that, we would like to introduce our, Yuasa System’s, mechanical endurance testing equipment suitable for foldable displays.

At last, for further development of foldable displays in display industry, we, Yuasa System, recently develop very unique evaluation method called ‘Visualization of mechanical stress of foldable display’ using very unique material. By using this newly developed technologies, we could see where actual mechanical stress occurs during folding motion.