Kim De Nolf

CEO and Co-Founder | QustomDot
Kim De Nolf

Unmatched Colour Conversion for MicroLED Applications

MicroLED technology is poised to disrupt the display market by bringing a whole new value proposition to consumers products. Flexible, high brightness and excellent lifetime are but a few keywords to describe a new generation of displays spanning virtual reality to wearable applications.
QustomDot is focused on bringing unmatched colours through quantum dot (QD) colour conversion to enable commercialisation of this new technology. In this talk QustomDot's CEO, Kim De Nolf, shares why QustomDot aims to facilitate and accelerate the commercialization of microLED technologies beyond traditional displays. We will touch on QustomDot's roadmap to the most stringent microLED applications and why the company is involved from component design and application development at early stages to volume production of a QD ink.


Kim De Nolf is CEO and co-founder of QustomDot. She has received the masters and PhD degree in chemistry from Ghent University in Belgium. In 2017, she started a three-year post-doctoral fellowship to investigate the valorization potential of the research conducted at the PCN group, lead by prof. Zeger Hens. This work has led to the incorporation of QustomDot in January 2020. QustomDot brings unmatched colors through quantum dot (QD) color conversion. The team combines QD synthesis, surface engineering and ink/photoresist formulation into patterned color conversion layers for microLED displays.