Kyle Davis

UI/UX Senior Analyst | IHS Markit
Kyle Davis

Digitalizing the User Experience

Over the past couple of years, OEMs have targeted the vehicle’s displays as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. This presentation will outline different strategies in designing the vehicle’s displays to improve the user experience. Kyle will use data points to demonstrate trends related to displays, including Center Stack Display size and orientation, Instrument Cluster size and type, Augmented Reality HUDs, and Multi-Display Modules.


Kyle Davis is a Senior User Interface and User Experience Data Analyst at IHS Markit focusing on the North American market. His main areas of focus are Center Stack Displays, Instrument Clusters, and Head-Up Displays. Additionally, he researches other methods that users interact with the vehicle such as voice, gesture, and proximity sensing. Kyle obtained is Bachelor’s of Science degree from Madonna University in 2017 and is currently working on his M.B.A at Wayne State University. Prior to his role at IHSMarkit, Kyle worked for a Tier-1 Infotainment supplier.