Kyu Yong Bang

Managing Director | TOP ENGINEERING
Kyu Yong Bang

TOP Engineering has developed a Non-Contact Inspection System for micro LED Chip.

It is possible to inspect micro LED chips on Wafer without damage because there is no direct contact with. It can inspect all types of micro LED chips including vertical chip as well as flip Chip and lateral chip more than 10 micrometers (㎛) in bulk. It can identify defective chips in advance before micro LED chips are transferred to the panel. It is an equipment that can prevent the production of bad pixels by screening the defective chips before transferring the micro LED chip to the panel. It is expected to reduce the cost and time of the micro LED pixel repair process, which solves difficulty of mass production. So it is expected to improve the production yield of micro LED Display. As a non-contact inspection technology, TOP Engineering plans to develop equipment capable of inspecting micro LED chips less than 10 micrometers (㎛)


Mr. Bang has more than 20 years’ experience in technology research, business development, and Intellectual Property management.

He first started working in display technology when he joined TOP ENGINEERING as an engineer to develop Electro-Optic Modulator of Non-Contact Inspection System for TFT Panel.

He is Director of microLED Research at TOP ENGINEERING.

Also he is Vice President of Korea Intellectual Property Association.

He has a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property.

He was awarded the Order of Industrial Service Merit by the National Government in 2020.