Martin Zobl

Senior Expert Displays | BMW
Martin Zobl

Automotive Display Technology Application in the Course of Time

Displays have become a central part of automotive interior concepts and design. They are the main interface between the car occupants, their personal digital ecosystems, the car and the environment.

Due to changing usage profiles and consumer electronics driven customer expectations, displays will play an even more important role in future cars. Emerging technologies offer numerous opportunities for this.

This presentation will look at BMW's view on these opportunities and associated challenges.


Martin Zobl is Senior Expert for Display Concepts at BMW Group. Martin focused on cybernetics for his Dipl.-Ing. in electrical engineering and information technology from the Technical University of Munich. He was assistant researcher at the Institute for Human–Machine Interaction of the Technical University of Munich until 2004. Martin then joined the R&D department at BMW as an expert for human–machine interaction concepts. Since 2009, he has been responsible for the display technology roadmap and the optical performance of interior displays for all BMW Group cars.