Dr. Mathias Mydlak

Global Business Development Manager | SCHOTT
Mathias Mydlak

SCHOTT Xensation® Flex, high strength ultra-thin glass for foldable display

The foldable smartphone market is showing encouraging initial growth, despite the tough pandemic market situation. Consumers are still evaluating the best form factor and use case for new foldable devices. Both, clam-shell foldables and book-type devices have their individual benefits and make consumers excited for more. In this new and dynamic market environment, flexibility is key to quickly react to new product demands on mass production level.

We will discuss how we SCHOTT sees the market and how we can use our history in ultra-thin glass (UTG) production to meet the challenging demands in this display market segment.


Dr. Mathias Mydlak received his PhD in physical chemistry on OLED-emitting materials at the University of Münster in 2011. Prior to joining SCHOTT in early 2018, he was responsible for business development and product management at CYNORA, a young company specialized in TADF OLED-emitters for display and lighting applications. Amongst others topics, he is now responsible for the business development for flexible ultra thin glasses at SCHOTT for various applications.