Matt Gerber

CEO | Rohinni
Matt Gerber

MicroLEDs and miniLEDs for displays: real world viability and economics

Rohinni combines vision, execution and micron scale electronics to make impossible products possible. CEO, Matt Gerber, will discuss how Rohinni’s technology is enabling the creation of next generation displays. Gerber will provide an overview of Rohinni’s process for creating mini LED based LCD backlights and video wall modules, discuss the readiness status of the current mini LED and micro LED placement processes, and review the barriers to commercialization for both mini and micro based display products.


Matt Gerber has over 30 years of global high technology market experience and is equally comfortable with growing companies, managing turnarounds or coaching CEOs as a board member. Matt is currently CEO and a board member at Rohinni, a market leader in micro and mini LED technologies, and represents Rohinni on its three joint venture boards. Matt also sits on the boards at TeraGo Networks, Pearson and Perpetua Technologies. CEO at Rohinni is Matt’s fourth CEO role, and of course his favorite given the team, technologies, and accomplishments. Matt holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an MBA from Hofstra University.