Dr. Matthew Meitl

Co-Founder and VP of Displays | XDC
Matt Meitl

Transfer Transforms: How microLED tech opens an unexpected door to the future of displays

What does microLED technology really mean for the display industry? Very high-end TVs use microLEDs, and many groups developing augmented reality hold great expectations for microLED displays. But will the displays that mass markets know today, like handsets, televisions, and PCs, ever allow microLED to compete alongside LCD and OLED displays? Continued investment in microLED will bring the answer to that question in the next few years, but the technology developed for microLEDs has farther reaching implications than just bringing brighter emitters to display panels. Mass transfer processes bring other kinds of semiconductors to the backplanes of advanced displays with a cost structure that can intercept the trajectory of mainstream consumer displays and, at the same time, set higher expectations for their picture quality, power efficiency, and integrated function. XDC is a group that provides ultraminiature semiconductors for frontplanes and backplanes as well as mass transfer solutions for the display industry. XDC solutions are practiced, refined, and increasingly adopted with a growing number of licensees.


Dr. Matthew Meitl is a materials expert and an original inventor of the XDC technology. He is skilled in leading multi-company, cross-technology integration projects with accomplishments in optoelectronics, photovoltaics, LEDs, and wearable electronics. Prior to joining XDC, he worked as a technical manager at Semprius, as the leader of display projects at X-Celeprint, and as the CEO of Wearifi. He currently serves as the Vice President, Displays at XDC. Matt is passionate about developing the highly-capable, highly-motivated team that will shape the future of displays.