Dr. Matthew Meitl

Co-Founder and VP of Displays | XDC
Matt Meitl

Making Tomorrow’s Displays Today

Raising money for a display company while simultaneously growing the business is tough at anytime, but in 2020, it took extraordinary resilience on the part of the team and strong partnerships. XDC, a pioneer in microLED displays, raised money from industry leaders, built its biggest, best mass transfer equipment, and signed licensing agreements with global players in the display industry who will mass produce microLED displays using XDC’s foundational IP portfolio. The author, a co-founder of XDC will introduce the opportunity, describe the challenges, and give you a glimpse of what to expect in the [PixelEngine] future.


Dr. Matthew Meitl is a materials expert and an original inventor of the XDC technology. He is skilled in leading multi-company, cross-technology integration projects with accomplishments in optoelectronics, photovoltaics, LEDs, and wearable electronics. Prior to joining XDC, he worked as a technical manager at Semprius, as the leader of display projects at X-Celeprint, and as the CEO of Wearifi. He currently serves as the Vice President, Displays at XDC. Matt is passionate about developing the highly-capable, highly-motivated team that will shape the future of displays.