Matt Scholz SID19 Auto


Head-Up Display Trends and Measurement Advantages for 2D and AR Systems

With the advent of new head-up display systems, display test equipment used to ensure image quality is likewise facing new demands. How does the process of HUD measurement change with the incorporation of new AR-HUD systems, which project new types of virtual images, across larger fields of view, and at a range of depths? Matt Scholz, Automotive Business Leader at Radiant Vision Systems, presents trends in automotive HUD technology, including an overview of HUD virtual image types (2D and AR HUD), measurement challenges for ensuring image quality in each system, and features of photometric HUD measurement systems that address these demands. Topics include:

· Trends in 2D and augmented reality (AR) HUD systems
· Measurement challenges posed by next-generation HUD technology
· Test system specifications that simplify optical metrology for all HUD image types
· Examples of image quality tests from Radiant head-up display test software