Mehdi Hosseini

Sr. Analyst | Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Research
Mehdi Hosseini

Diversification in Display Technologies and Underlying Reduced Capital Intensity Encourages Positive Results in the Display Supply Chain

There are a number of new technologies and methodologies currently under development that are aimed at “upgrading” the current display technologies (like in TV application), while others are aimed at increasing penetration into new application like in Autos (particularly Electric Vehicles) and commercial buildings. There is now even companies focused on commercializing a transparent display technologies. Such an inflection point in the adoption of new technologies and methodologies are all encouraging, and thus helping to raise the profile of “Display” sector. But, what is more encouraging is the prospects of the reduced capital intensity, that could potentially help with better economics throughout the display supply chain.


Mehdi Hosseini is a Senior Analyst covering the Technology Hardware. Mr. Hosseini’s coverage encompasses several sub-sectors including Display, Semis, Cloud and Enterprise IT. He is based out of SFG’s San Francisco office, while also traveling frequently to Europe and APAC regions for company visits. Prior to joining SFG, Mr. Hosseini worked at FBR Capital Markets, where he was a top ranked analyst covering the CleanTech and Semiconductors. Before joining FBR, Mr. Hosseini spent four years at SoundView Technology Group, where he was a senior analyst covering the Semis and EDA. Mr. Hosseini’s prior experience included five years at National Semiconductor as a senior design engineer. Mr. Hosseini earned his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and his Masters and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida