Michael G. Helander

Co-Founder and CEO | OTI Lumionics
Michael G. Helander

Cathode Patterning: Enabling New OLED Display Applications

OLED displays have been successfully commercialized across a range of product applications from small mobile displays, all the way up to large UHD TVs. However, numerous challenges remain for OLED displays to surpass LCDs in terms of total market share, particularly for applications with panel sizes larger than mobile phones. Enabling these new display applications for OLED will require new material innovations that look beyond the organic stack. This talk will discuss the role cathode patterning plays in enabling new display applications for OLED, including under display camera and sensors, low power IT panels, automotive displays, 8K and transparent panels.


Michael G. Helander is co-founder and CEO of OTI Lumionics and has over 12 years of experience in the OLED and display fields. He has over 100 patents and peer reviewed publications related to OLED materials, process, equipment and displays.