Mike Casper

CEO | Azumo
Mike Casper

LCD 2.0: How Azumo is Keeping LCDs Relevant for the Future

LCD technology has dominated the display industry for the past few decades and today represents over 3/4ths of the display market. Billions of square feet of fab capacity exists, most investments have been fully capitalized, and product managers and OEMs are familiar with how they operate. However, the continual growth of OLED and the potential of MicroLED and other emerging display tech, the looming question remains -- How will LCDs stay relevant in the future? Azumo's unique light guide system enables more out of LCDs, including best-in-class front lit Reflective LCD (RLCDs) and flexible backlights for flexible LCDs. In this talk, CEO Mike Casper will discuss how Azumo's technology is enabling these exciting developments to help LCD differentiate into the future.


Mike Casper is the CEO and Co-Founder of Azumo, Inc. (formerly known as FLEx Lighting). Azumo is a breakthrough display technology that is enabling the promise of LCD 2.0 – low power, reflective LCD modules that improve user experience and battery life for end users in consumer, medical, industrial, and educational markets. Before co-founding Azumo, Mike was a consultant for ZS Associates, a global sales and marketing consulting firm, and was an engineer with 3M working on manufacturing, adhesives, and energy solutions. Mike holds an MBA in International Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin. Mike is an avid runner, enjoys coaching youth sports, and lives in Chicago with his wife and children.