Mike Lee

Head of Strategic Business & Corporate Development | Compound Photonics
Mike Lee

Architecting MicroLED Into Smart Displays For Consumer Wearables and Beyond

Compound Photonics (CP) recently partnered with GlobalFounridries to manufacture IntelliPix™, CP’s microdisplay technology platform. By leveraging the advanced semiconductor design node, IntelliPix's backplane and drive architecture will not only accelerate the light modulation speed to optimize microLED’s performance, but will also deliver flexible and scalable features to unleash many innovations in product designs in the consumer and commercial space, which presents a huge potential for multiple market segments based on different hardware, feature sets, use cases and price points.


Mike Lee joined Compound Photonics (CP) in early 2020 leading strategic business and corporate development efforts. He has been spearheading CP's overall strategy as the leading technology provider in backplane and video drive architecture that enables microLED display development for next generation AR/MR/VR. Mike has over 20 years of experience in display, electronics and semiconductor industries as an investor, turn-around expert and advisor to private equity and venture capital. He has successfully transformed many display and technology companies into several hundred million in valuation. Mike attended University of Arizona where he studied Systems Engineering and London Business School.