Naamah Argaman

Sr. Director of Display Product Management | Mojo Vision
Naamah Argaman

Naamah Argaman leads Product Management for Mojo Vision’s display. Prior to Mojo , she led product and marketing for Applied Materials Engineered Optics, focused on diffractive optical elements for AR and consumer applications. Before Applied Materials, Naamah led product lines in AR in the defense industry. She’s the author of multiple patents and holds an MBA from Stanford University as well as a M.Sc and a B.Sc. in EE from the Tel Aviv University and the Technion, respectively.


Beyond uLEDs: Nano-LEDs and the Future of Sub-Micron Pixel Pitch Displays

Augmented Reality (AR) has taken huge leaps forward in recent years, promising a shift in how humans interact with the digital world. But today’s large AR glasses and headsets have yet to excite consumers. Mojo Vision has sought to overcome this challenge by creating the world’s first AR smart contact lenses and, in the process, has developed a number of unique, miniaturized technologies, starting with its nanoLED (nLED) display.
The extremely small form factor of its contact lens has pushed Mojo to innovate both on the GaN LEDs as well as on the CMOS backplane. The result is a fully-integrated symbiotic system that is optimized for brightness, efficiency and power consumption to enable all-day usability.
In this talk, we will explore the requirements that led to the birth of Mojo’s order-of-magnitude smaller LED pixels and the challenges that had to be overcome.