Naamah Argaman

AR Product Tech Lead | Meta
Naamah Argaman

Scalability Consideration in AR Displays

In this talk, we will explore the scalability of components in AR displays and how it impacts the development of immersive experiences. With the expectations of consumers for launch of small form-factor, lightweight AR devices in the coming years, it is crucial to understand how the components that make up these displays can be scaled for mass production while maintaining performance and functionality.

Through this talk, attendees will gain insights into the technical and practical considerations that need to be taken into account when developing scalable components for AR displays. We will discuss the latest advancements in AR display technology and how they can be leveraged to create immersive experiences that meet consumer expectations.


Naamah Argaman is an experienced product leader with a passion for innovation and technology. With over 15 years of experience in AR displays, Naamah has a track record in building and growing large scale AR components and systems.

Currently serving as AR Tech Lead for the Display and Optics organization at Meta Platforms, Naamah is responsible for defining the optical architecture of future AR products. Her expertise bridges the display and optics components and the vision for consumer products.

Prior to Meta, Naamah led Product Management for Mojo Vision’s uLED display and product and marketing for Applied Materials’ Engineered Optics, focused on diffractive optical elements for AR and consumer applications. Before Applied Materials, Naamah led product lines in AR in the defense industry.

Naamah is the author of multiple patents and holds an MBA from Stanford University as well as a M.Sc and a B.Sc. in EE from the Tel Aviv University and the Technion, respectively.