Dr. Paul Cain

Strategy Director FlexEnable | FlexEnable
Paul Cain

Dimming Technologies That Will Shape the Future of AR

This talk delves into the world of dimming trends and technologies and their crucial role in shaping the future of AR.

We will highlight the challenges of current AR displays, particularly their inability to seamlessly blend with the real world. This is often due to the displays being too bright compared to the surrounding environment, creating a disconnect and hindering user experience.

The talk will then explore various emerging dimming technologies with the potential to address this issue – differentiating between global and pixelated (spatial) dimming and the benefits they offer.

Finally, the talks will highlight the ongoing research and development in this field. These advancements in dimming technologies hold immense potential to shape the future of AR, making it a more integrated and user-friendly technology.


Paul has 20 years’ experience in the flexible and organic electronics industries, in both technical and strategic management roles. He has a deep technical and industry knowledge of flexible display technologies and companies. Paul has taken new flexible display technologies from lab to fab to commercial product, and has 25 patents relating to processes and architectures that enable the high yield manufacture of flexible displays, and has. Paul has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from London Business School.