Paul Cain SID19 Foldable


Plastic OLCD: A different approach to foldable displays and mass market applications

The introduction of foldable phones has made quite a splash this year. But are foldable screens only a prerogative of flagship smartphones, and can other products benefit from folding, either dynamically or statically?

FlexEnable is taking a different approach to foldable with its plastic Organic LCD. OLCD uses high-performance organic thin-film transistors on ultra-thin TAC film, resulting in low-cost flexible displays where the cell can be curved to 10mm, and the backplane and routing can be curved down the 0.1mm. This approach not only enables very tight bend radii, but is also a route to borderless displays.

With its cost-effective scalability to large sizes, and the ease with which it can be cut into shapes including through-holes, OLCD addresses a wide range of market applications beyond flagship smartphones and smart watches. Attend this talk to learn about the unique properties of OLCD and the exciting new product designs it enables.