Paul Travers

CEO | Vuzix
Paul Travers

Next Generation Display Technologies for AR/Smart Glasses

The market for AR wearables is widely projected to explode into many billions of dollars over the next five years. Vuzix current generation and next generation AR/smart glasses represent some of the first products that deliver on the early promise of the significant ROIs expected for Enterprise and are on their way to providing the look and feel of regular glasses through the use of advanced waveguides and microLED displays.


Paul Travers is the founder of Vuzix and has served as its President and Chief Executive Officer and a Board of Directors member since 1997. Prior to the formation of Vuzix, Mr. Travers began his professional career at Eastman Kodak, designing multi-mega pixel digital cameras. He subsequently left Kodak and founded and sold in succession two high technology companies, e-Tek Labs, Inc. and Forte Technologies Inc. With more than 30 years’ experience in the consumer electronics and AR/VR fields, he is a nationally recognized industry expert. Mr. Travers holds an Associate degree in engineering science from Canton, ATC and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering from Clarkson University.