Qiming Li

CEO | Jade Bird Display
Qiming Li

Crossing the chasm with microLED microdisplay

MicroLED microdisplays are overcoming the technical barriers in near-eye and optical see-through applications. JBD’s development roadmap and production plan will be introduced. We will discuss JBD’s current business model & our plans for scaling up production so that our technology is accessible to the market. We will also touch upon the significance of adapting MicroLED microdisplay technology and the opportunities available to establish win-win partnerships with JBD.


Qiming Li is the founder and CEO for JBD. He is an expert in III-V compound semiconductor materials and optoelectrical devices. In 2015, Qiming Li founded JBD, an integrated design and manufacture company of ultra-small display panels using micrometer or nanometer scale compound semiconductor emitter arrays as pixels. Qiming Li has a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering. He has been devoting and enjoying inventing technologies and creating products with over 100 patents. Before that, he spent 7 years as a technical member in Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico.