Reza Chaji

Founder and CEO | VueReal
Reza Chaji

VueReal offers solutions for personalized AR enabling super-compact full-colour high-resolution low-power fashionable wearable glasses, lenses and more. VueReal solution enables a <3um full-colour display without compromising the efficiency or colour of the displays. Furthermore, the VueReal solution for mass AR is based on high-transparent (>70%), high-brightness, and large-area displays. VueReal high throughput, high yield solutions can be used to integrate small microLEDs in displays to achieve high ppi and high transparency. VueReal is scaling its facility and team to produce these displays in North America.


I (Reza Chaji) love soccer and hard core technologies. I guess the simplicity and the elegance of the outcomes for both areas are appealing! And for both, you need a crazy cohesive team and great gameplan to make a beautiful game worth watching. My crazy team is VueReal and what we are making at VueReal is so beautiful that it will enchant several industries in addition to display.

By the way, I have worked on external compensation for OLED TV as CTO of a startup company that is adopted in today's TVs and before that I developed MAC and security processors for a personal network processor in 2002 that was too early to become a smartphone processor.