Rick Seger

Chairman/CEO | SigmaSense
Rick Seger

Software “Ate” Everything... Until it Hit the Display Glass. AI will Break Through.

Marc Andreessen’s now famous proclamation in 2011 that “Software eats everything”
has proven true across industries leaving massive business model transformations in its
wake. Many of us laughed as this tsunami of transformation broke against the
immovable wall of the display industry. Turns out software couldn’t eat everything.
However, his next observation, AI is eating software does create all new opportunities
for the display industry and will drive seemingly insatiable demands for sensed data.
Display manufactures will see their hardware-based business models transformed by
data demands for AI controlled experiences that are seamlessly linked with the display

AI strategies target, even require, specific information that enables new experiences to
anticipate, entertain, and delight, leveraging data from a variety of sensors in the
system. Display manufacturers can now develop strategies to source the desired data
using software defined sensing.

System level processors with AI support demand much more data than just X/Y touch
points opening the opportunity for displays to become the data source feeding
differentiation and improving HMI experiences.

This presentation explores the likely data that will build value for display manufacturers
and OEMs.