Ross Young

Co-Founder and CEO | DSCC
Ross Young

Forecasting the Post COVID-19 Display Market

This presentation will focus on four elements:

  • How COVID-19 Affected Key Display Markets and Panel Suppliers
  • How Russia/Ukraine, China Shutdowns, Higher Energy Prices, Rising Inflation and Rising Interest Rates Will Impact the Display Market
  • How Display Technologies and Markets Are Evolving
  • Display Market Outlook

Of course, COVID-19 caused significant change to the display market, mostly for the better as it pulled in demand for IT markets due to work from home and learn from home. It also led to sharp price increases and record 2021 profits for panel makers which resulted in increased capacity investments. Higher capacity and reduced demand are now significantly pressuring prices.

The display industry must also manage new disruptions to both supply and demand in 2022 including the Russia/Ukraine crisis, COVID-19 shutdowns in major cities in China, significantly higher energy prices, rising inflation and rising interest rates. DSCC's latest forecasts will reflect these issues.

Display technologies and markets are rapidly evolving as OLED vs. MiniLED LCD competition heats up. We are likely going to see significant changes to the competitiveness of OLEDs as a result of tandem OLED stacks, the incorporation of phosphorescent blue OLED emitters, G8.5 oxide backplane lines for IT applications, scaling fine metal mask vacuum thermal evaporation (FMM VTE) equipment to G8.5 and more. These advances should significantly boost display brightness and lifetimes while lowering cost. MiniLED backlight costs are also expected to fall rapidly on increased LED efficiency, improved optics, higher volumes, higher yields and more. Power and thickness are also expected to decline. We are also seeing significant improvements in LCD brightness, response times, refresh rates, contrast, flicker, cost reduction with improved color performance. Also under discussion is whether these improvements in LCDs and OLEDs are likely to impact the development and commercialization of microLEDs.

Given the evolution of these technologies, I will share DSCC’s view on the display market outlook with the latest forecasts for revenues and units by application, display technology, area, panel costs, Korea vs. China competition and more.


Ross Young is the co-founder and CEO of DSCC. Previously, he started, ran and sold DisplaySearch which he started with less than $500 in capital and grew to over $10M in revenues. He has also worked throughout the display supply chain including at a TV brand, panel supplier, multiple equipment suppliers and a materials supplier.

Shortly after completing graduate school at UCSD and Japan’s Tohoku University in International Management, Young published a book on the semiconductor industry called Silicon Sumo: US-Japan Competition and Industrial Policy in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry published by the University of Texas.

Young also completed 12 IRONMAN triathlons including the World Championships in Kona in 2016.

You can also find him on Twitter at @DSCCRoss where he shares the future of the display industry with over 25K followers.