Simon Morris SID19 Auto


New Challenges and Opportunities for Cockpit of the Future

The automotive market is entering new era with connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles. The cockpit is no exception. Vehicles are being introduced by major automotive OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai-Motors and General Motors that have not only larger cockpit displays, but more displays with sophisticated high performance 3D graphics processing. However, these larger displays are presenting some other challenges – visibility of content in sunlight is more challenging and the driver’s night vision is adversely affected by more cabin light hitting the driver’s eyes. Display system designers are partially addressing these issues through specialized content and brighter displays, but this drives up cost, increases power consumption and increases heat. Newer display technologies are being proposed including techniques to deal with what are largely perceptual based viewing challenges. This presentation will present a novel approach of modifying the content through perceptual display processing algorithms that adapt the content to match better how the driver’s eyes see in different ambient light conditions and have the potential benefit to reduce display panel cost, power and heat.