Young-Joon (YJ) Kim

CEO | Magnachip
Young-Joon (YJ) Kim

The post-COVID-19 smartphone era: 5G, HFR and OLED

Growth in the post-COVID-19 global smartphone market is expected to be driven by a wave of new 5G smartphones. 5G brings faster data speeds, which will increase the quality of viewing content. Quality viewing content involves not only data speeds, but also high frame rates. Along with 5G's faster data speeds and increasing frame rate panels, the demand for OLED panel adoption will grow as well. Smartphones with OLED displays are now leading the growth in the 5G smartphone market and smartphones with HFR displays are also becoming a mainstream option. This presentation will explore the market trends for 5G smartphones and significance of the HFR and OLED technologies.


Mr. YJ Kim became Chief Executive Officer in May 2015 and has also served as a director on Magnachip Board since that time. In February 2020, Mr. Kim assumed the additional role of General Manager of the Display business to capitalize on attractive growth opportunities in OLED display and other relevant emerging markets. He also served as the acting General Manager of Foundry Services Group from January 2019 until the completion of the sale of the Foundry Services Group and the factory in Cheongju ("Fab 4") on September 1, 2020. Mr. Kim joined Magnachip in May 2013 and served as Executive Vice President and General Manager, Display Solutions Division. He was promoted to Interim Chief Executive Officer in May 2014. Prior to joining Magnachip, Mr. Kim held a variety of senior management roles at several global semiconductor firms in a career spanning about 33 years. His past roles include marketing, engineering, product development and strategic planning, and his product expertise includes microprocessors, network processors, wireless base stations, FLASH, EPROM, analog, mixed-signal, sensors, workstations and servers. Immediately before joining Magnachip, Mr. Kim served as Vice President, Infrastructure Processor Division, and General Manager of the OCTEON Multi-Core Processor Group of Cavium, Inc., where he worked from 2006 to 2013. Prior to Cavium, Mr. Kim served as Core Team Lead and General Manager of the Tolapai Program at Intel Corporation from 2004 to 2006. In 1998, Mr. Kim co-founded API Networks, a joint venture between Samsung and Compaq, where he served as the head of product management, worldwide sales and business development for Alpha processors. Prior to API Networks, Mr. Kim served as Director of Marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. from 1996 to 1998. Mr. Kim began his career as a product engineer at Intel Corporation. Mr. Kim holds B.S. and M. Eng. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. Magnachip’s Board has concluded that Mr. YJ Kim is a valuable member of the Board based on his understanding of Magnachip’s products and technology as Chief Executive Officer and his deep knowledge of the semiconductor industry.