Dr. Tongtong Zhu

CEO | Porotech
Tongtong Zhu


Porous semiconducting nitrides are effectively a new class of semiconducting material for use in devices such as light-emitting diodes. Porosity provides new opportunities to engineer properties including refractive index, and thermal and electrical conductivity. Sub-surface porous gallium nitride (GaN) is conventionally created by forming deep trenches using a dry-etching process. Porotech has developed a novel alternative etching process that can be mass-produced for commercial applications. This enables the creation of a variety of sub-surface porous architectures on top of which a range of devices may be grown, from light-emitting diodes to single photon sources – and now native red InGaN MicroLEDs.


Tongtong has a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University and a diverse background of physics, electronics, engineering and materials science, and many years’ experience in the field of III-nitride semiconductor materials and devices since 2008. With expertise in materials deposition techniques, and multidisciplinary skills in the development of material science and device applications across a range of fields, he has developed numerous new materials and structure production processes whilst progressing the general community understanding of the
science of materials growth.