Dr. Tongtong Zhu

CEO | Porotech
Tongtong Zhu


Unlocking MicroLED display solutions for consumer AR glasses with DynamicPixelTuning®

Porotech is revolutionising microLED displays with its DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) technology. Each individual DPT® pixel is a single LED emitter with tuneable wavelength emission all the way from red to blue. There are no ‘RGB’ sub-pixels, no pixel stacking architectures, no filters and no colour conversion technologies involved – full colour is possible at the wafer level, with no complex manufacturing required and no need to mix different material systems. DPT® has been enabled entirely on InGaN-based material through Porotech’s engineered porous GaN (PoroGaN®) platform technology, which is a simple, repeatable, and fully scalable process. With key microLED microdisplay manufacturing barriers removed and new realms of display system design unlocked, Porotech is positioned to deliver the microLED display solutions which will meet the demands of consumer AR.


Tongtong has a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University and a diverse background of physics, electronics, engineering and materials science, and many years’ experience in the field of III-nitride semiconductor materials and devices since 2008. With expertise in materials deposition techniques, and multidisciplinary skills in the development of material science and device applications across a range of fields, he has developed numerous new materials and structure production processes whilst progressing the general community understanding of the
science of materials growth.