Dr. Tongtong Zhu

CEO | Porotech
Tongtong Zhu


The Road to Commercialization and Mass Production of MicroLEDs

Porotech, as a world-leading designer and manufacturer of MicroLEDs, has not only successfully developed several world-unique lnGaN red-light and single-chip full-color micro-displays, paving the way for MicroLED applications but also actively realized the true commercialization and mass production of MicroLEDs. By establishing the world's first semiconductor Micro LED ecosystem with partners, Po rote ch has successfully bonded 0.12-inch micro-displays on 8- inch GaN on silicon wafers, completely rewriting the rules of the next-generation lighting technology. In the future, Porotech will steadily achieve the commercial production of AR products, including AR glasses, micro-projectors, micro-display panels, and various wearable devices.


Tongtong has a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University and a diverse background of physics, electronics, engineering and materials science, and many years’ experience in the field of III-nitride semiconductor materials and devices since 2008. With expertise in materials deposition techniques, and multidisciplinary skills in the development of material science and device applications across a range of fields, he has developed numerous new materials and structure production processes whilst progressing the general community understanding of the
science of materials growth.