Vivek Paranjape

Principal Engineer | Intel
Vivek Paranjape

Opportunities to drive from hype to reality for foldable PC’s

Large screen foldable display PC system is a natural progression from foldable display phones introduced over last few years. Large screen foldable display notebook PCs is becoming an interesting new device category where it combines usages of multiple different form factors into one physical instantiation. These devices present multitude of (and often conflicting) product design and technology challenges. Intel is actively working with Display industry and PC OEMs to solve these challenges and bring such products to realization. Presentation highlights some of these challenges for foldable OLED display power, display lifetime, surface hardness, etc. and how Intel is helping to deliver tools and products that are meaningful to our customers.

Intel’s EVO platform is a specification for premium laptops that provide best of notebook PC experiences. Intel is defining EVO specification for foldable display system to ensure a premium experience for this new mobile device category. This presentation will provide an overview how Intel’s Hardware and Software solutions stack will help establish this new device category for novel usages and provide a uniform basic experience across devices from various OEMs.


Vivek Paranjape is a Principal Engineer at Intel Corp. Vivek is lead System Architect for form factor innovation at Intel. Vivek has 20+ years of experience in Mobile notebook PC design with focus on system architecture and physical system integration. His expertise includes electrical design, high speed physical design, system i/o, peripherals and designing solutions for new product features and user experiences. Vivek has led and contributed to many pioneering products at Intel from concept to product launch such as Intel Centrino notebooks, Ultrabook PCs, and innovative new form factor category devices such as thin detachable, and dual display notebook PCs. Vivek is currently leading system architecture and integration for Foldable OLED display systems, defining new user experience solutions and researching next mobile system innovation opportunities. Vivek has published papers and holds multiple patents in diverse areas of Notebook PC System design and integration.