Vladmir Matias

CEO | iBeam Materials
Vladmir Matias

Breakthrough Technology for MicroLED Displays

iBeam Materials is developing a revolutionary new technology to make paper-thin and ultra-flexible microLED displays. This technology will eliminate the traditional restrictions for the form factor of displays, redefining what devices look like and opening up new classes of mobile, wearable, lighting, signage and instrumentation products. These products will be enabled by the ability to make large area, flexible sheets of LEDs at low cost. The sheets of LEDs, produced by roll-to-roll manufacturing, will allow large-area monolithic integration of LEDs and active transistor devices. MicroLEDs made on robust sheets of thin metal foil will in this way deliver the super bright and power-efficient displays of the future.


Vladimir Matias is the Founder and CEO of iBeam Materials. Having attained his Physics degrees from Caltech (BS) and Stanford (PhD), Vlad has over 30 years of experience with advanced film technology, both within the commercial sector (in two prior startups, Conductus in California and Oxxel in Germany) and in government R&D supporting the development of commercial technologies. As team leader at Los Alamos National Lab, he worked closely with industry in technology transfer and has been engaged in technology development from initial scientific breakthroughs through to manufacturing and commercialization. He is the world leader in the development of the ion-beam alignment process and associated technologies, with about 150 technical papers and over a dozen related patent families. Vlad and his team were also recognized by two national R&D 100 awards (2003 and 2010). He has extensive experience in applied R&D and knows what it takes to bring new materials to market.