Wally Haas

President | Avalon Holographics
Wally Haas

Avalon Holographics is leading the next wave of display technology with professional holographic displays that revolutionize the way people produce, view and understand visual content. By replicating the experience of looking at real objects, Avalon’s displays produce realistic and natural 3D experiences that facilitate collaboration and reduce cognitive load. This approach is fundamentally different than many other approaches that attempt to short cut the realties of producing holographic content. This talk will focus on the considerations and trade off when approaching holographic display.


Avalon is led by Wally Haas, a successful serial entrepreneur with over twenty five years in high technology industries. Wally has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary. Wally’s career has led him to work in St. John’s, Ottawa, and the U.K., and he has traveled extensively, working with customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Wally has worked for several well-regarded companies such as Nortel, PMC-Sierra, and AMCC, focused largely on semiconductor design for optical networking. When Wally moved to Newfoundland for family reasons, he founded Avalon Microelectronics to continue his career and passion for semiconductors. The company did extremely well. Without the need for any venture capital, Wally grew the company to 31 people and nearly $4M in annual revenue. Wally sold Avalon to Altera (now part of Intel) in 2010 after less than 5 years of effort. Wally and his family live in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where Avalon is headquartered. Wally founded Avalon Holographics in 2015, and has led the team of over 70 people since that time.