Willem Walravens

Chief Product Officer | QustomDot
Willem Walravens

Reducing MicroLED Display Costs: The Promise of QDCC Inkjet Inks

This presentation explores the exciting potential of QDCC (Quantum Dot Color Conversion) inkjet inks for microLED displays. We will delve into how this innovative technology offers significant cost reductions for panel makers. Inkjet printing presents a high degree of automation and minimal material waste, making it a more economical approach compared to alternative methods. By utilizing QDCC inks, manufacturers can achieve high-quality color conversion layers directly onto microLED backplanes, simplifying the fabrication process and lowering overall production costs. This paves the way for more affordable and accessible microLED displays, ultimately accelerating their adoption in various applications.


Dr. Willem Walravens is an expert in semiconductor nanocrystals, with over 10 years of experience working across various material types for diverse technological applications. He is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer at QustomDot, a company dedicated to integrating cutting-edge Quantum Dot technology into innovative display solutions. In his role, Dr. Walravens bridges the gap between the technical demands of next-generation displays and the creation of high-value products for both established and emerging players in the industry. He leverages his deep understanding of display technology to translate those requirements into practical solutions.