Yasuo Nakane

Global Head of Technology Research | Mizuho Securities
Yasuo Nakane

FPD Industry Outlook

For large FPDs, Chinese panel makers have already dominated LCD and could further increase their market share if they buy 2 LCD factories in Guangzhou. This has been propelling Korean players to focus more on WOLED, QD-OLED and μLED, but Samsung and LG group have different issues, and actually not allying even in the group (i.e. Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics VD division). For small and medium FPDs, Samsung Display has overwhelmed its rivals given the shift to OLED, but Chinese companies have been catching up in smartphone panels, which is pushing Korean makers to focus on G8.7 RGB lines with Oxide backplane. To better understand the direction of the overall FPD industry and changes in the balance of power, we analyzed the value chain, including components and finished products (e.g., smartphones and TVs), from both a geographic and technology standpoint.


Education:Graduated from Sophia Univ in Tokyo, Faculty of International Law in 1991
Experience:Daiwa Institute of Research 1991-1996 analyst covering unlisted tech companies in Japan
Daiwa Institute of Research Taipei Branch 1996-2001 Senior analyst covering Taiwanese Electronics industry
Deutsche Securities Tokyo Branch 2001-2015 Senior analyst covering FPD, Consumer Electronics
Mizuho Securities 2015-Present, as Global Head of technology research


2019 Institutional Investor Analyst Ranking: Ranked No.1(Electronics, Consumer)
2019 Nikkei Veritas analyst ranking:No.1(Consumer Electronics)