Yasuo Nakane

Global Head of Technology Research | Mizuho Securities
Yasuo Nakane

Flat Panel Display Industry Outlook

I would like to share our latest forecasts for the flat panel display (FPD) industry. In particular, I will discuss the outlook for finished products (e.g., smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TVs) and major brands (e.g., Samsung and Sony) panel demand, and the FPD industry from the viewpoint of brand strategy. At the same time, I analyze how the FPD industry is affected by the strategies of the main brands (Samsung, Apple, and Chinese majors). I also analyzed the competitive axes (between regions, companies, OLED and LCD technologies, semiconductor battles) between panel manufacturers, and discuss panel makers’ future strategies, industry direction, and the impact on the value chain incl. materials and equipment.


Education:Graduated from Sophia Univ in Tokyo, Faculty of International Law in 1991
Experience:Daiwa Institute of Research 1991-1996 analyst covering unlisted tech companies in Japan
Daiwa Institute of Research Taipei Branch 1996-2001 Senior analyst covering Taiwanese Electronics industry
Deutsche Securities Tokyo Branch 2001-2015 Senior analyst covering FPD, Consumer Electronics
Mizuho Securities 2015-Present, as Global Head of technology research


2019 Institutional Investor Analyst Ranking: Ranked No.1(Electronics, Consumer)
2019 Nikkei Veritas analyst ranking:No.1(Consumer Electronics)