Yoshio Tamura

Co-Founder and President of Asian Operations | DSCC
Yoshio Tamura SID 21

FPD Market Overview:

The FPD market has been strong since 2020 due to the WFH/LFH and no travelling under COVID-19. At the same time, there has been Driver IC and Glass tightness. However, LCD fab utilization has been in high levels of 90% and the LCD price increase recorded the highest ratio ever of >2X within one year. This presentation will discuss the overall LCD and OLED supply demand from 2021 to 2022.

  1. TV/IT/Smartphone Market Outlook
  2. LCD/OLED Market Trends
  3. LCD/OLED Fab Capacity Trends
  4. LCD/OLED Fab Utilization and Supply vs. Demand
  5. LCD/OLED Cost comparison among advanced technologies like OLED/MiniLED/LCD

Yoshio Tamura is Co-Founder and President of Asian Operations at DSCC, based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a 26-year veteran of liquid crystal display (LCD) market research and consulting and is one of the foremost authorities on the LCD market and its supply chain. He started covering this market in 1990 at Techno Systems Research (TSR) where he launched their LCD market research business and grew it rapidly.

After 10 years at TSR, he joined DisplaySearch in 2000 as Senior Vice President and Founder of DisplaySearch Asia where he played a critical role in launching a large number of highly popular LCD-related reports. Mr. Tamura developed or co-developed the company’s core reports on large-area LCD shipments and forecasts by application as well as reports on fab utilization, pricing, costs, cost models, margin models, glass substrates, color filters, backlights and driver ICs. Most of those reports are still in existence today.

After The NPD Group acquired DisplaySearch in 2005, Mr. Tamura acquired the title of SVP and Fellow to recognize the critical role he played in developing report methodologies. After IHS acquired DisplaySearch in 2014, he became a Senior Director and Advisor within the Display Technology Group.

Mr. Tamura joined DSCC to co-develop a growing number of reports on OLEDs and other advanced display-related technologies. His vast experience contributes to DSCC consulting and event services, and he is a frequent speaker at display industry functions and conferences. Mr. Tamura is a graduate of Chuo University where he majored in international economics. He can be reached at tamura@displaysupplychain.com.