Ross Young

Co-Founder and CEO

Ross Young

Ross Young is co-founder and CEO of DSCC. Previously, he founded and ran DisplaySearch which he started with less than $500 in capital and grew to over $10M in revenues before selling the company to The NPD Group. He has also worked throughout the display supply chain including at a TV brand, panel supplier, multiple equipment suppliers and a materials supplier. He has also served on 5 company boards - Akhan Technologies, Illumitex, Nanophotonica, Unipixel and Westar. Prior to entering the display industry in 1994, he worked at multiple semiconductor equipment suppliers. Ross has been quoted in all major business and technology publications and has appeared on multiple TV programs as a display industry expert. He has also keynoted multiple major display related conferences worldwide including Display Week 2023 with around 2000 attendees.

Shortly after completing graduate school at UCSD and Japan’s Tohoku University in International Management, Ross authored a book on the semiconductor industry called Silicon Sumo: US-Japan Competition and Industrial Policy in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry published by the University of Texas.

Ross has also completed 12 IRONMAN triathlons including the World Championships in Kona in 2016.

Interview with DSCC CEO Ross Young: Information Display

You can also find him on Twitter at @DSCCRoss where he shares the future of the display industry with over 39K followers. He can be reached via email at