2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference at Display Week


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Event Agenda

On-Site May 24th, 2023

Location: 304ABC

8:30 AM PST - 10:10 AM PST
Keynote Session

This session will feature executives from throughout the display supply chain sharing their insights across a wide variety of topics. Subjects expected to be covered include:

  • How did the COVID bubble impact the display market, when will conditions improve and what lessons can be learned?
  • When will large LCDs return to profitability?
  • Which companies and markets are best positioned for growth?
  • What are the catalysts for future display growth and what is the best strategy for investors?
  • What display technology advancements are coming that could significantly improve display performance, lower cost and change the display market and technology outlook? Can any new display technologies take significant share and if so in what markets?
  • How are display equipment companies adapting to the downturn in display capex and what will bring capex back to previous levels.
  • The applications and opportunities for organic TFTs.


10:10 AM PST - 12:05 PM PST
TV Market and Technology Outlook

TV continues to be the largest driver of flat panel display demand on an area basis and advancements in display technology continue to raise the bar on TV picture performance. The post-pandemic demand recession in the TV market has created challenges for the entire display supply chain, but growth in emerging markets and continued technology advancements will help the market to recover. The session will explore the market trends and technology battles shaping the industry.


12:05 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM PST - 2:35 PM PST
Mobile Display Technology and Market Outlook

This session will cover the latest display market and technology outlook for smartphones and mobile IT displays. DSCC will highlight the latest results and long-term forecasts through 2027, from our smartphone and IT display technology reports. For smartphones, the topics will include the market outlook and continued evolution of OLED smartphone displays with new materials and processes, new form factors, product and technology roadmaps for major brands and much more. For the mobile IT market, MiniLED LCD vs. OLED displays will be highlighted as both technologies continue to battle to gain share for the consumer, commercial and gaming markets. Which IT display technology is best positioned to win or can they continue to co-exist? These and other topics will be covered.


2:35 PM PST - 4:15 PM PST
AR/VR Market and Technology Outlook

This session will cover the requirements for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. AR/VR is set to be the fastest growing segment of the display market, as device makers invest in the metaverse. The display will be a critical enabling component of future AR/VR headsets. We will discuss the opportunities for the display industry, as well as the progress of emerging technologies such as Micro OLED and MicroLED.


4:15 PM - 4:30 PM
4:30 PM PST - 5:30 PM PST
Emerging Display Technologies I

This session will feature presentations on advances in materials, processes, display architectures and display applications for the consumer and commercial markets. Display topics will include advances and emerging display technologies for OLEDs, QD-OLEDs, Iarger G8.7 substrates, measurement/touch sensing technologies, excimer and solid state laser solutions and much more.


Virtual Sessions On Demand
Analyst Session

This session will feature presentations from leading industry analysts, financial analysts and consultants. Topics covered include:

  • The financial outlook for segments and companies in the display supply chain.
  • The outlook for different market segments and company market share.
  • Strategy discussion for companies in the display supply chain, which segments and companies are best positioned any why.


MiniLED and MicroLED Technology and Market Outlook

MicroLED displays are expected to challenge the incumbent technologies since they can deliver superior brightness, contrast and energy efficiency. Applications for MicroLED include large TVs, wearables (watches) and smart glasses. In the last two years, LCD panel makers have also adopted MiniLED backlights in TV and IT applications. In both types of displays, LED chips need to be transferred at high throughput and driven by a custom backplane. This session will cover the commercialization roadmap and the remaining challenges in manufacturing.


Emerging Display Technologies II

Presentations will feature advances in materials, processes and display architectures for Light Field Displays, 8K displays and new techniques and materials for colorimetry and much more.


Automotive Display Market and Technology Outlook

Automotive displays represent one of the key growth areas for the display industry with units, average screen size and functionality all increasing in the coming years. Automotive represents a growing technology battleground as incumbent OLED competes with LCD which is enhanced with MiniLED backlights and dual cell structures. Head-up displays (HUDs) represent another innovation area with multiple display technologies aiming to provide enhancements to the driver experience. Displays will form an increasingly important role in HMI systems and presenters will address the impact on both the display and the automotive industries.


Display Start-Up Session

While the display industry's big companies are more well-known, some of the most important innovations in the display industry emerge from small start-up companies, especially in the materials space. Presentations in this session will describe how small companies will make a big impact on displays through technology.


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