DSCC Announces Call for Speakers for 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference

La Jolla, CA -

DSCC and the Society for Information Display (SID) are pleased to announce a call for speakers for the 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference. SID awarded the organization and execution of the SID Business Conference to DSCC for the seventh straight year and the 2023 event will be the 20th anniversary of the SID Business Conference. The SID/DSCC Business Conference is typically the largest event in the display industry dedicated to the business aspects of the $129B display industry with over 250 attendees annually.

Display Week will take place from May 23rd – May 25th and will be on-site at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The SID/DSCC Business Conference will be moved this year from its traditional Monday to Wednesday, May 24th which should reduce travel time and costs for attendees. The event will include a day’s worth of content in-person and will also include up to a day’s worth of content pre-recorded for on-demand availability after the event.

According to DSCC Founder and CEO Ross Young, “The SID Business Conference is the display industry’s single largest and longest running business conference. It provides the best view of the future of the display business due to all the prestigious financial analysts, market analysts and display industry executives participating. It is also the place where numerous new entrants have made their public debuts which has helped them sign their first joint development agreements, commercial deals or secure additional start-up funding. The SID Business Conference plays a critical role for all participants in the display industry supply chain enabling attendees to see where each market segment and display technology is headed and to plan appropriately. It is a must attend event.”

You can find out more about the event at http://www.displayweek.org or www.displaysupplychain.com.

DSCC is now actively recruiting speakers for the event. Speakers can participate on-site or virtually. Likely topics include:

  • Financial and Market Analyst Outlook
  • Display Technologies Shaping the TV Market
  • IT Display Market and Technology Outlook Post COVID
  • Smartphone Display Market and Technology Outlook
  • Automotive Displays in the Transition to Electrification
  • AR/VR Market and Technology Outlook
  • Latest OLED Technology Developments
  • MicroLED Technology and Market Outlook
  • MiniLED Cost, Technology and Market Outlook
  • Emerging Technologies Enabling Mobile Advances
  • Emerging Technologies Enabling TV and IT Advances
  • Display Start-up Session

If interested, please submit an abstract to info@displaysupplychain.com by March 1st, 2023. To improve your company’s visibility and positioning at the event, sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information on speaking and sponsoring, also please contact info@displaysupplychain.com.

About DSCC

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) was formed by experienced display market analysts from throughout the display supply chain and delivers valuable insights through consulting, syndicated reports and events. The company has offices in the US, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the UK. DSCC is on the web at www.displaysupplychain.com and can be reached in the US at info@displaysupplychain.com.