DSCC Announces Speakers for AR/VR Session at SID/DSCC Business Conference

La Jolla, CA -

The 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference will cover the latest display trends in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) in a dedicated session at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 24th, 2023. The Business Conference is part of Display Week 2023, the world's leading event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies. Registration is already open.

DSCC has organized the conference for seven consecutive years, in collaboration with the Society for Information Display (SID). “With over 300 attendees annually, the SID/DSCC Business Conference is the largest event dedicated to the business aspects of the display industry, covering the main market segments, including Smartphones and TVs. The dedicated session on AR/VR was added in 2021 to reflect the increasing importance of this category in the display industry,” said DSCC’s Director of Display Research, Guillaume Chansin.

The following speakers have been confirmed for the AR/VR Session of the Business Conference:

  • Dr. Guillaume Chansin (DSCC)
  • Ken Lin (Goertek USA)
  • Dr. Tongtong Zhu (Porotech)
  • Richard Harding (EMD Electronics)

Guillaume Chansin, Director of Display Research at DSCC, will present the main technology and market trends for AR/VR displays, with updated forecasts from the upcoming DSCC report on the topic. AR/VR is set to be the fastest growing segment of the display market, as device makers release more advanced headsets and smart glasses. Apple is expected to unveil its first headset this year, while Meta is aiming to expand its lead with the release of the Quest 3.

Ken Lin, Head of Product Marketing at Goertek USA, will talk about some of the lessons learned in AR eyewear and the challenges the company hopes to resolve. In 2022, Goertek and Qualcomm released a reference design for an AR device using Micro OLED displays. This year, Goertek partnered with Qualcomm again to launch a new lightweight AR smart viewer reference design based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 Platform. This latest reference design makes use of a new generation of free-form modules for optics, which increases the vertical field of view by 50%. The maximum brightness has also been increased to 1500 nits.

Source: Goertek
Source: Goertek

Dr. Tongtong Zhu, CEO and Founder of Porotech, will give an update on a the DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT) technology for MicroLED displays. DPT was first demonstrated last year at Display Week 2022, where Porotech won the iZone Best Prototype Awards. The technology enables each pixel to have a tuneable wavelength emission all the way from red to blue, without the use of color filters or color conversion materials. DPT is based on Porotech’s engineered porous GaN (PoroGaN®) platform technology, which can be scaled for mass production.

Source: Porotech
Source: Porotech

Richard Harding is currently leading AR/VR Business Development at Merck Electronics (also known as EMD Electronics in North America). His talk will introduce the different light engines, displays and waveguides used today and show how improvements to key material properties can enable more efficient headsets. This in turn can reduce the weight and size of the headset, which is a key step towards enabling a high functioning headset with a sun-glasses-like format.

Other companies speaking at the conference on the same day include Applied Materials, SmartKem, Samsung Display, Universal Display and Nanosys. The list of all confirmed speakers can be found on the DSCC event website.

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