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DSCC Launches 6 New Display Reports, Ties Up with the OLED Association on OLED Materials and Insight Media on 8K

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Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) is pleased to announce the introduction of six syndicated new reports which enable customers to better track the evolution of the display market. These new reports track and forecast key parameters such as panel costs, panel shipments, fab utilization, adoption of emerging technologies. In addition, DSCC is pleased to announce the formal collaboration with the OLED Association on the OLED materials market and Insight Media on the 8K TV market, bringing new insights to DSCC customers. The reports include:

1. Quarterly OLED Shipment and Fab Utilization Report

The purpose of this report is to quantify the quarterly performance and future outlook of the OLED market. Previous quarter’s shipments and revenues by application and size are shown by manufacturer. Fab utilization for both OLED and LTPS fabs are included as well to help quantify OLED and LTPS supply/demand and industry health. OLED fab utilization, shipments, ASPs and revenues are also forecasted by application and size 1-quarter forward to track the near term outlook. In addition, a longer-term outlook is provided through a 5 year forecast of OLED shipments and revenues. The report also explores how each OLED application is likely to evolve and when or if OLEDs will overtake LCDs in each category. To find out more information on this report click below:

2. Quarterly OLED Materials Report
DSCC has tied up with the OLED Association to deliver a best of breed report on the OLED materials market. It combines DSCC’s knowledge on OLED capacity, shipments, yields and fab utilization with the OLED Association’s knowledge on OLED material prices, device structures and the OLED material supply chain. Both emitter and common material markets are quantified in revenues, units, area and volumes by application through 2022. Design wins and OLED materials supplier share are also provided. To find out more information about this report click below:

3. Quarterly Advanced TV Display Cost Report

Panel cost is one of the main factors driving the TV market. This report delves deep into existing and future OLED, Quantum Dot (QLED) and LCD manufacturing costs looking at both 4K and 8K resolutions. Different configurations of OLEDs (WOLED vs. Ink Jet) and quantum dot technology (enhancement films vs. color filters, etc.) are also featured as they emerge. 55”, 65” and 77” costs are quantified by technology, substrate size and region and by line item for all sizes and configurations on a rolling 16-quarter basis. By also including panel prices, it allows users to see how panel supplier margins will change over time by technology, size, resolution and region. To find out more information about this report click below:

4. Quarterly Smartphone Display Cost Report
Cost is one of the most critical factors influencing display penetration into the smartphone market. This report tracks OLED and LTPS LCD costs at numerous sizes, aspect ratios and form factors including:

5.5” 16x9
6.0” 16x9
6.0” 18-19.5x9
6.4” 18-19.5x9

5.5” 16x9
5.8” 18-19.5x9
6.0” 18-19.5x9
6.2” 18-19.5x9
6.5” 18-19.5x9

As more display sizes and form factors emerge such as foldable and rollable, they will be included as well.

Costs are provided by line item for all sizes, substrate sizes and configurations on a rolling 16-quarter basis. By also including panel prices, it allows users to see how panel supplier margins will change over time by technology, size and aspect ratio. Notebook and tablet panels can also be included. To find out more information about this report click below:

5. Foldable Display Technology and Market Report

This report explores the challenges and opportunities associated with foldable displays which have the opportunity to breathe new life into stagnant markets. It examines the obstacles that must be overcome, the most likely solutions, timing of foldable display production and which markets are most likely to benefit. This report relies directly on interviews with panel, equipment and materials suppliers, discloses industry roadmaps and presents a detailed foldable market forecast. It also examines how foldable demand will impact OLED supply/demand as well as the incremental demand for equipment and materials.

6. 8K TV Report

This report, published in partnership with Insight Media, goes beyond just examining 8K TVs to cover the entire emerging 8K ecosystem. We take and in-depth look at the accelerating development of 8K display panels, 8K display production technologies, 8K vs. 4K display costs and prices, 8K broadcast receivers, 8K cameras, and other forthcoming 8K technologies. In addition to evaluating how the display suppliers and TV brands are approaching 8K, we look into many non-display factors in the areas of content acquisition, production and post-production, distribution, and connectivity as well as comment on value propositions and business models. The purpose of this report is to understand the products that make up the current 8K landscape, what factors will drive development and adoption and what factors may hinder or slow adoption. In addition, this report presents the views, plans, roadmaps and motivations of the panel makers, TV and monitor makers.

Purchasing Information

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