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Experienced Flat Panel Display Analysts Form New Consulting/Market Research/Events Firm - Display Supply Chain Consultants

Austin, TX -

Two experienced flat panel display analysts have formed a new consulting/market research/events firm. The new firm, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), was formed by former DisplaySearch founder, CEO and lead analyst Ross Young and former Corning, Philips and LG Display executive Bob O’Brien.

The firm will be producing strategic content and insights for marketing, procurement, financial analysts and other executives in the flat panel display supply chain which consists of:

  • ​Flat panel manufacturing equipment suppliers
  • Flat panel materials manufacturers
  • LCD and OLED panel suppliers
  • OEMs
  • Brands
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Financial community

According to Founder and CEO Ross Young, “Although revenues have become stagnant in the smartphone, tablet, notebook, monitor and TV industries, innovation in displays has continued and we are on the cusp of the introduction of flexible/foldable/rollable OLEDs which should breathe new life into many of these markets.

These new form factors could certainly create the next “must have” gadget and cause a major rebound in some of these markets as well as create significant changes in the display supply chain. For example, rigid touchscreens and cover glass will need to be replaced by flexible touchscreens and plastic cover lenses. Is there enough capacity in place? Who will be the winners and losers over the next 5 years as these products emerge? How will the growth of OLEDs impact other LCD-related materials such as color filters, liquid crystal, backlights, etc.? Also of great importance is whether the share gains by OLEDs in smaller displays will extend to larger displays or if LCDs + Quantum Dots will dominate and how that will play out over time. We intend to focus on these and other areas of uncertainty and help our clients navigate these changes and take advantage of opportunities.”

Joining Young is Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder and President, who essentially built a smaller, in-house version of DisplaySearch as Director of Marketing Intelligence at Corning Glass Technologies, with analysts in the US and Asia performing channel checks throughout the display supply chain. He also developed an analytical model for predicting glass demand based on the supply/demand dynamics of the display supply chain and has done significant work on the TV and Gorilla glass markets.

In forming the new venture, O'Brien said,” I am delighted to be working with Ross to build Display Supply Chain Consultants. I have known Ross for many years as one of the foremost experts in the display industry and I greatly admire his work in building DisplaySearch from humble beginnings to be the leading company in display research. I believe that our experience and skills complement each other, and will allow us to provide our clients with unsurpassed insights, intelligence, value, analysis and consulting covering the entire value chain.”

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The first product from DSCC consisting of weekly insights and analysis from the display supply chain will be introduced in August. The new report, the Display Supply Chain (DSC) Monitor, will be launched 20 years after Young launched the highly popular DisplaySearch Monitor which helped launch that company.

For more information, please visit or contact the company at or (512) 577-3672.

About DSCC

DSCC, a Counterpoint Research Company, is the leader in advanced display market research with offices across all the key manufacturing centers and markets of East Asia as well as the US and UK. It was formed by experienced display market analysts from across the display supply chain and delivers valuable insights, data and supply chain analyses on the display industry through consulting, syndicated reports and events. Its accurate and timely analyses help businesses navigate the complexities of the display supply chain.