Foldable Smartphone Panel Volumes Expected to Reach an All Time High in Q2’24, Samsung and Samsung Display Expected to Wrestle Leadership Away from Huawei and BOE

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  • Q1’24 foldable smartphone panel shipments rose 46% Y/Y. Huawei dominated panel procurement with a 55% share, its highest ever, and led for the second consecutive quarter. BOE led in foldable panel shipments for the second consecutive quarter with a 48% share, up from 43%. The Huawei Mate X5 and Pocket 2 were the top two models on a foldable panel procurement basis.
  • Q2’24 foldable smartphone panel shipments are expected to rise 113% Y/Y to a record high 9.25M as Samsung pulls in procurement/production for its latest Z Flip and Z Fold panels by a month from last year and Huawei’s panel procurement continues to grow on new models and strong demand in China. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 are expected to be the top two models in Q2’24 on a foldable panel procurement basis.
  • For all of 2024, Samsung and Samsung Display are expected to maintain large advantages although narrower than in 2023.

Foldable smartphone panel shipments rose 46% Y/Y in Q1’24 to 3.94M. Huawei dominated foldable smartphone panel procurement in Q1’24 with a 55% share, its highest ever, with the Huawei Mate X5 and Pocket 2 accounting for over 50% of all foldable panels purchased in Q1’24. Q1’24 was the second consecutive quarter Huawei led in foldable smartphone panel procurement after holding a slight edge over Samsung in Q4’23. There was panel procurement for 24 different foldable smartphone models in Q1’24.

While Q1’24 was a seasonally slow quarter for the foldable market, Q2’24 is projected to establish a new record high for foldable smartphone panel procurement at 9.25M as Samsung Display starts panel shipments for its latest Z Flip and Z Fold models one month earlier than last year, in April rather than May, and Huawei’s panel procurement continues to grow. In Q2’24, Samsung is expected to hold a 52% to 27% advantage over Huawei in panel procurement with the upcoming Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 the two highest volume models on a panel procurement basis. Huawei will have the #3, #4 and #6 models on a panel procurement basis. There is expected to be panel procurement for 27 different models in Q2’24. On a sell-in basis for Q2’24, Huawei will still lead, however.

Foldable Smartphone Panel Shipments

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Foldable Smartphone Panel Supplier Share

For all of 2024, Samsung’s share of foldable smartphone panel procurement is expected to fall from 54% to 48% at over 13M panels, followed by Huawei with a 28% share, up from 18% and Honor with a 10% share, up from 9%. There is expected to be panel procurement for 38 different models in 2024, up from 35 in 2023. Samsung is expected to account for three models in the top 10 with Huawei accounting for four and Honor accounting for two.

In terms of panel supplier share, while BOE led Samsung Display (SDC) in Q4’23 and Q1’24, SDC is expected to hold a 57% to 25% advantage in Q2’24 over BOE and an even larger advantage in Q3’24 as the Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 ramp. For all of 2024, SDC is expected to lead BOE with a 54% to 28% share advantage. SDC’s share will be down from 62% in 2023 with BOE’s share up from 27% in 2023. Visionox is expected gain the most share in 2024 reaching 11% with China Star rising to 7%.

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