SID/DSCC Business Conference Will Showcase Emerging Display Technologies in Two Sessions

La Jolla, CA -

The 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference will have two sessions covering emerging display technologies and their current and future impact on the display industry. The SID/DSCC Business Conference, sponsored by Applied Materials, SmartKem, GE, OTI Lumionics and TOP ENGINEERING, is part of Display Week 2023, the world's leading event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies. Registration is already open and available at this link.

DSCC has organized the conference for seven consecutive years, in collaboration with the Society for Information Display (SID). With over 300 attendees annually, the SID/DSCC Business Conference is the largest event dedicated to the business aspects of the display industry, covering the main market segments, including Smartphones, AR/VR and TVs. The conference will include five sessions of live presentations at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday, May 24th, plus five additional virtual sessions which will be available to be downloaded and viewed by all attendees.

The following speakers have been confirmed for the Emerging Display Technologies session of the Business Conference:

  • Mr. Kyu Yong Bang, Managing Director, TOP ENGINEERING
  • Dr. Michael Hack, VP, Business Development, Universal Display Corporation
  • Mr. Rick Seger, Chairman/CEO, SigmaSense

Mr. Kyu Yong Bang will present Top Engineering’s Non-Contact Inspection System for MicroLED Chips. This system can inspect all types of MicroLED chips including vertical chips as well as flip chips and lateral chips more than 10 micrometers in bulk. It can identify defective chips in advance before MicroLED chips are transferred to the panel. It is an equipment that can prevent the production of bad pixels by screening the defective chips before transferring the MicroLED chip to the panel. It is expected to reduce the cost and time of the MicroLED pixel repair process, which solves the difficulty of mass production.

Dr. Michael Hack will present UDC’s display efficiency roadmap for ultra-low power consumption that incorporates an all-phosphorescent RGB stack being introduced into the commercial market in 2024. UDC believes that the significant increases in efficiency and performance will enable new product applications for OLED technology, thereby growing the OLED market.

Mr. Rick Seger will present how AI, system level processors and software defined sensing can be used to capture much more data than just X/Y touch points, opening the opportunity for displays to become the data source feeding differentiation and the improving HMI experiences. This presentation explores the likely data that will build value for display manufacturers and OEMs.

The virtual Emerging Display Technologies will highlight advances for colorimetry, Light Field Displays, 8K displays and nanoimprint technology. The following speakers have been confirmed for the virtual Emerging Display Technologies session of the Business Conference:

  • Mr. Wally Haas, President, Avalon Holographics
  • Mr. David Fattal, Founder and CTO, Leia, Inc
  • Mr. Gary Feather, President, 6P Color
  • Mr. Mike Fidler, Executive Director, 8K Association
  • Mr. Jan Matthijs ter Meulen, Co-Founder and CTO, Morphotonics

Mr. Wally Haas will present Avalon Holographics’ approach for displays that are realistic and natural 3D experiences that facilitate collaboration and reduce cognitive load. This approach is fundamentally different than many other approaches that attempt to shortcut the realities of producing holographic content. This talk will focus on the considerations and trade off when approaching holographic display.

Mr. David Fattal will present the efforts at Leia to deploy 3D display hardware and AI software solutions to make 3D content creation and visualization available to everyone on any device.

Mr. Gary Feather will present and focus on the implementation of UWCG and Colorimetric as well as the newly created industries as all industry players move to Full Color Range system breaking the limitations of RGB. The focus is on leveraging all displays to Ultra-Wide Color Gamut through extended primaries and colorimetric systems. All the elements are in place for this today. UWCG shocks viewers when experienced with awe of what is currently unseen in the original content.

Mr. Mike Fidler will highlight the 8K Association’s strategy and key tactics that are being employed to take advantage of the growing developments of 8K content and 8K adoption by working with panel makers, studios, distributors and system integrators to elevate and promote the entire 8K user experience.

Mr. Jan Matthijs ter Meulen will present Large-Area Nanoimprinting for Display Optics: Challenges & Opportunities by highlighting Morphotonics’ innovative large area nanoimprint technology that has been adopted by leading display, automotive, and deep technology customers in Europe, the United States and Asia.

The SID/DSCC Business Conference will be held in-person on Wednesday, May 24th during Display Week 2023 at the Los Angeles Conventions Center. Both in-person and virtual presentations feature 44 presenters from 37 different companies. The complete list of all speakers and their abstracts can be found at 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference.

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