The Future of TV Technologies Will be Explored at the SID/DSCC Business Conference

La Jolla, CA -

The 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference will cover the latest TV market and technology trends and outlook in a dedicated session at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023. The SID/DSCC Business Conference, sponsored by Applied Materials, Smartkem, GE, OTI Lumionics and TOP ENGINEERING, is part of Display Week 2023, the world's leading event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies. Registration is already open and available at this link.

DSCC has organized the conference for seven consecutive years, in collaboration with the Society for Information Display (SID). With over 300 attendees annually, the SID/DSCC Business Conference is the largest event dedicated to the business aspects of the display industry, covering the main market segments, including Smartphones, AR/VR and TVs.

The following speakers have been confirmed for the TV Market and Technology Outlook session of the Business Conference:

  • Bob O’Brien, Co-founder, Principal Analyst and CFO, DSCC
  • Paul Gagnon, VP & Industry Advisor – Consumer Tech, Circana (formerly The NPD Group and IRI)
  • Chirag Shah, Director of Go-To-Market, Samsung Display
  • Dr. Jim Murphy, Display Technologies/LED Phosphor Program Manager, Principal Research Scientist, GE Global Research
  • Jeff Yurek, Vice President of Marketing, Nanosys

Bob O’Brien, Co-founder of DSCC, will present the latest results and outlook for the TV market. TV is by far the largest application for the display industry in area terms, driving investment decisions and innovation in performance and cost. The demand surge during the pandemic led to the display industry’s best year ever in 2021 but the overreaction from the supply chain led to the industry’s worst year ever in 2022.

Bob will provide DSCC's outlook for the TV market including the technology battle between the three premium technologies fighting for the top of the TV market: QD-OLED, White OLED, and MiniLED. He will also outline how TV makers’ business prospects have varied and how the changing technology of content delivery is creating opportunities for new business models.

Paul Gagnon, VP & Industry Advisor – Consumer Tech, Circana (formerly The NPD Group and IRI), will present on “The Complete TV Consumer.” As the pandemic-era wanes amid a looming economic downturn, the entire TV value chain is facing a shifting consumer demand environment. Consumers are more cautious with spending and shifting how they allocate their share of wallet on discretionary purchases. With TV demand surging in 2020-2021, surely pulling demand forward, understanding the consumer better is critical to gain market share. This talk will focus on how the TV market in the US is performing so far in 2023, how the consumer is reacting to economic headwinds and what to expect in the next 12-24 months.

Chirag Shah, Director of Go-To-Market, Samsung Display will present on the updated QD-OLED panels for 2023. In 2022 QD-OLED took the display industry by storm. Elevating the visual experience to a new level. Samsung Display's passion for innovation continues with the all new QD-OLED 2023.

In this talk, Chirag will share what's new and what enables QD-OLED to achieve this accelerated innovation. An industry first, QD-OLED now enables real Color Light Output to exceed over 2000 nits! What does it mean for displays and how it promises to REinvent and REfine your display experience.

QD-OLED combines the best of quantum dot and OLED technologies, resulting in a display that offers superior color accuracy, brightness, and contrast. With QD-OLED, Samsung Display is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in display technology and setting a new standard for visual experiences.

Dr. Jim Murphy, Display Technologies/LED Phosphor Program Manager, Principal Research Scientist, GE Global Research will present on the market-leading wide color gamut of narrow band phosphors. Walk into your local electronics store and the red color emitting from many of the displays will be GE phosphor technology. Since first being introduced into the display industry in 2014, the red-line emission of K2SiF6:Mn4+ phosphor (PFS/KSF) centered at 631 nm has become the market leading wide color gamut solution for 4K UHD TVs, tablets, phones, monitors and laptops. KSF phosphor provides a cost effective, reliable on-chip LED solution for wide color gamut displays that is RoHS compliant.

This presentation will discuss the technology and licensing strategy that have enabled this success and the path forward around integration into future displays with higher color gamut (>90% BT.2020) and additional functionality (MiniLEDs, remote films, MicroLEDs) versus current HDR 4K/8K displays. Although the narrow-band emission of KSF enables improved brightness and wider color gamut relative to InP QDs, a more narrow-band emitting green phosphor continues to be a need in the display industry. An update on GE’s efforts around narrow-band green phosphor development as well as a new high-nit red phosphor will also be presented.

Jeff Yurek, VP of Marketing, at Nanosys will address the topic of quantum dots in the TV market. The use of quantum dot (QD) technology in the television market has gained significant traction in recent years. In this talk, he will provide an update on QD in the TV market and its impact on broader trends in the display market. Nanosys, as a materials supplier with deep brand relationships, has a unique viewpoint on the market and its potential for a rebound in the second half of 2023.

The presentation will focus on how the combination of QDEF-MiniLED and QD-OLED technologies will drive growth for the premium TV segment over the next several years. QDEF-MiniLED offers great color performance, increased efficiency and unmatched value while QD-OLED delivers the absolute best image quality on the market. Finally, he will look ahead at progress in next-generation QD technologies, including QD color conversion for OLEDs and MicroLEDs as well as emissive nanoLEDs.

Overall, this talk will provide in-depth insights into the current state of the TV market and the opportunities and challenges associated with QD technology. It will discuss how the combination of QDEF and MiniLED technologies can drive growth in the premium TV market and the potential impact of next-generation QD technology on the display market.

The SID/DSCC Business Conference features 44 presentations from 37 different companies. The complete list of all speakers and their abstracts can be found at 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference.

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