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Quarterly Flat Panel Display Forecast Report

Latest Edition - November 2023

DSCC’s Quarterly FPD Forecast Report tracks the display market on a quarterly basis from 2018 through 2027. It reveals units, area, average selling price (ASP), revenue, average diagonal, and resolution (pixels per inch or PPI) for eight different applications by technology (LCD vs. OLED). It covers eight different markets.
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Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Display Shipment and Technology Report

Latest Version - July 2023

This report includes DSCC’s smartphone historical data from 2018 and forecast data through 2027 covering all OLED smartphone and panel shipments by brand, model, all display and major non-display parameters, panel and device revenues and regional forecasts for select models. In addition, it provides insights into technology and innovation trends in OLED display technology, which is applicable to smartphones. There are over 1,100 AMOLED smartphone configurations in our database including variations by brand, model, panel supplier, TFT backplane, substrate, resolution, refresh rate, notch type, cover glass, touch type, main camera, network type / band, chipset supplier and much more.
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Biannual Smartphone Display Cost Report

Latest Version - October 2023

Due to the growing penetration of OLEDs into smartphones, DSCC has developed a cost model that compares and forecasts LTPS and OLED smartphone display costs. The cost model also examines all of the different form factors currently or coming into the smartphone market. Panel covered include - ​Rigid 5.5"/6.0" 16:9, 6.0"/6.4" 18-19.5:9, Flexible 5.5" 16:9, 5.8"/6.0"/6.2"/6.5" 18-19.5:9 . ​More displays will be added as these categories continue to emerge. Includes detailed BOM results and forecasts, panel prices and panel margins.
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DSCC publishes over 100 industry reports yearly. Our mission is to provide worldwide end-to-end supply chain expertise for all display-based products. For a full listing of DSCC reports, download our complete product brochure

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