Quarterly OLED Shipment Report - Advanced Smartphone Features

September 2020

This deliverable adds to our Quarterly OLED Shipment Report by providing more insight on AMOLED smartphone shipments by parameter such as refresh rate, backplane type, price band, cover glass type, notch vs. HIAA vs. UPC, cellular band, fingerprint sensor type, touch type, process supplier, processor model and more. It helps companies track the adoption of these new advanced features and their outlook. Critical for any company in the AMOLED smartphone market and supply chain. There are over 500 models in the database and counting.
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Display Costs Smartphones

Quarterly Smartphone Display Cost Report

Due to the growing penetration of OLEDs into smartphones, DSCC has developed a cost model that compares and forecasts LTPS and OLED smartphone display costs. The cost model also examines all of the different form factors currently or coming into the smartphone market. Panel covered include - ​Rigid 5.5"/6.0" 16:9, 6.0"/6.4" 18-19.5:9, Flexible 5.5" 16:9, 5.8"/6.0"/6.2"/6.5" 18-19.5:9 . ​More displays will be added as these categories continue to emerge. Includes detailed BOM results and forecasts, panel prices and panel margins.
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