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Annual Quantum Dot Display Technology and Market Outlook Report

Quantum dots have been used for a decade to enhance colors in LCD panels. The latest display technology to be commercialized is QD-OLED. This technology uses a Quantum Dot Color Conversion (QDCC) layer that is inkjet-printed on top of an OLED panel. Total panel area for QD-OLED and QD-LCD is set to grow by nearly 15% next year. TV is by far the biggest segment for quantum dot displays, not just in terms of panel area but also in units, with over 15M TV sets expected to contain quantum dots in 2023. There has been a lot of progress in electroluminescent quantum dots (EL-QD) in recent years. This technology removes the need for a blue OLED stack as the quantum dots emit light directly instead of converting colors. Leading display manufacturers, including Samsung Display, TCL, Sharp and BOE, have demonstrated EL-QD prototypes recently. MicroLED displays can also make use of quantum dots. Color conversion is seen as a solution to address the low efficiency of red MicroLEDs. It is also considered for small monolithic MicroLED displays.
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Advanced Weekly Equipment PO & Award Database ​


​A weekly newsletter of three spreadsheets used by DSCC to help establish market share in all the different equipment segments it covers. The first spreadsheet includes all the PO announcements made by equipment companies. This second spreadsheet includes equipment awards from Chinese OLED panel makers to equipment makers. This final spreadsheet includes equipment awards from Chinese OLED panel makers to equipment makers.
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Display Equipment

Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report

Latest Version - August 2023

This report includes all of DSCC's content on OLED and LCD fab schedules, OLED and LCD capacity and LCD and OLED equipment market sizes, market share and forecasts for 79 different segments. All design wins and units by fab by equipment type are shown and quarterly revenues are provided for >130 different display equipment suppliers. Also included are typical process flows for each major process.
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Outlook on 8k ​Report

Relies on interviews with panel makers, TV brands, broadcasters, equipment and materials suppliers. Discusses how 8K may impact display manufacturing processes, any key manufacturing challenges, likely price points and sizes introduced by TV brand and challenges for broadcasters. Developed in partnership with Insight Media.
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